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    Out Of Memory Error in QV Access Point & Optimization

    Srikanth P

      Hi Folks,


      Recently, We created two applications as per business requirements.

      1- Loader Application: Reads the data from DB and stored into QVD. We implement Incremental loading for this application and reload time is about 1+ min and QVD's list is 60

      2- Main Application: Reads the data from QVD's and our model is STAR SCHEMA and size of the application is 210MB. As per our requirements, we need to JOIN and CONCATANATE the qvd's and meet the STAT SCHEMA. So the reload time is 12+ mins. In the main application we use JOIN, CONCATENATE & RESIDENT. SO it will take long time and one FACT TABLE have the rows of 72+ Million Records.



      1. In the Access point, while the Straight tables & Pivot tables are error out OUT OF MEMORY ERROR. We didn't use any calculations in the expression.

          At the reload time the, the server uses 16GB RAM resource. We have total 25+ applications in the QV server and our server is Version: 10.00.9061.7 SR3

          I dont know my QV server resources info like RAM,

      2. How to optimize the second application.


      Please provide any info regarding the SERVER Resourese info for the size of the application.


      Thanks & Regards,