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    Add users in QV11

    Jennifer XU

      Hi All,


      I change my QV Server from 10 to 11. However, I find the way to add users become different. I cannot find the 'Assigned CALs' input box in the original place. Could anybody teach me how to do this operation? Or, do anyone has some manuals can give me refer? Thanks a lot!

        • Add users in QV11
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          In regards to documentation, it's a different download that contains all languages and materials and reference manuals. That should create a folder in C:\Program Data\QlikTech\Documentation


          If you mean you cannot add Named CALs, go to the QMC, (there is no longer QEMC/QMC duplicity in version 11), System, Licenses, click on QlikView Server, go to the right part where some new tabs appear, and select Client Access Licenses (CALs). There you can add or remove license assignments, see the history and so.


          Hope that helps.