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    How can I retrieve data for an extension object in several chunks?

      The default page height for an extension object is 40, which means that only the 40 first rows of data of the object will be returned from QlikView. It is possible to set a higher value to get more rows in a single refresh, but with thousands of rows it slows down QlikView a lot. The API seems to provide some objects to fetch data by chunks instead of getting it all at once, however there is not a single extension example showing how to achieve that.

      So far I was able to do:

                  this.Data.Page = new this.Data.PageObject(this.Data, 100, 1);

      And then call this.Data.Page.Next() to get the next 100 rows.

      However I did not manage to get the last rows if the number of rows of the last page is less than exactly 100. Also, given there were no example and the sdk I am not sure at all that it is the correct way to do it.

      I also tried calling this.Data.SetOffset({ x: 0, y: startIndex}); but it resulted in my Data.Rows object becoming empty.

      A working example from QlikTech would be very appreciated.