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    [Days Open] Scrip calculation

      Hi all,
      In my script I'm using the following to calculate Days Open.
      (isnull(tm_last_closed), $(vTodaysDate) , Date(Floor(tm_last_closed))) - Date(Floor(tm_created)) as [Days Open],
      the tm_last_closed and tm_created are fields in my database.
      I have a request to calculate a backlong for each month based on fixed date instead of $(vTodaysDate) for example using the last date of the month as the point. Then to calculate the Days Open based on the fixed date for  that month.
      How can I load fixed dates for each month for example Jan 31 2012, Feb 28 2012, March 31 2012 etc and use it instead of $(vTodaysDate) to compute my Days Open? Please help. Thank you !!!