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    Adding zeros to number



      Can you please help?

      I have a field with a integer for example 0001234567 coming from a DB, and I have the same data field coming from  a excel spread sheet in the following format 1234567.

      How can I add zeros to the left of the number coming form the excel sheet, or how do I take off zeros from the left data coming from the DB before loading the data so these two data fields can correspond to the same thing and be associated.


      Some data coming from the Excel sheet in this field, are like 234567, then I would have to add 4 zeros to the begining of the number 0000234567 in order to be associated with the one coming from the DB. The one form the DB always come with a fixed amount of numbers, in this example 10 digits.


      I look forward to hearing your suggestions.


      Thks a lot.