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    If Statement



      Can anyone help I'm very new to this and  I want to create an expression for a column in a table that says gives me this field


      but if there isn't a value for that field then give me this field


      instead. So within the one column in the table if either field has a value it should be shown.

      I think this is an IF statement.



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          Jagan Nalla

          If i understood the concept. You need to load the entire dataset first. After that you need to check the whether the field is null or not. If the field is null then drop that field otherwise drop another field.


          For eg:

          A,B,C are the fileds


          If A is null drop the field A otherwise C.


          - If you provide sample application we can work on it.

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              Hi Jagan


              I'm working on a designer license through my work with the script already set and data loaded I'm just adding in fields to tables and designing a webview for other users so I can't provide an application sample.

              I can get the field names I mentioned in seperate columns but as the values only appear in one column or the other I wanted them combined into one column in the table using an expression. Is this possible?



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