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    New to Qlikview

      Just having troble developing a dashboard based on Employee data from Oracle.


      I have a number of tables that I have exported into excel and uploaded into Qlikview.  I would like some help on the best way in which to design a dashboard that opens with current employees.  But be able to use the calendar to flick between how many employees were employed in a different year/month.


      This would be the same for leavers or new starters.  as you can see from the example I have:


      1 table that is all the employees that have ever been employed with a start date

      table 2 is assignment changes that have occured against the employees since they started

      table 3 is leavers with date they left the organisation

      table 4 is assignment details (employment specific information for the employees)

      Table 5 is position information

      and lastly a calendar with Year/month/week etc.


      As a newbie to qlikview I have got this far but am struggling to determine how I go about how many employees I had in say 2009 and what position they were in and what FTE they were.


      Any help would be appreciated.

        • New to Qlikview
          Dennis Hoogenboom

          Hi there,


          To start with, I would suggest that you load your [_EMP no] your [EMPhireDate] and your [AMPLeavingDate] into 1 table.


          Then make a new field by using:



                    IF (ISNULL([AMPLeavingDate]) , 'Hired' , "Left'  as StatusEMP

          Resident ..


          Now you have a new field which you can use in your expression or use a selection box in your QV document.


          Let me know if this is working for you.



          Good Luck,