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    Login Prompt

    Amit Deshpande

      Hello ,

      We have recently installed 11 SR1 server and replicated all the settings the same way as we had in our old server that hosted SR 10 SR 4.

      Now, what we are trying to do is embed the direct link to the qvw using IE plugin in Sharepoint rather than having the user go to the Accesspoint home page.

      However, whenever we run that URL in the browser, we get a login prompt. If we go through the Accesspoint and click on the application, we do not get the login prompt.URL for the Ajax client has no issues as well.


      For instance, if we run the following URL in IE, we get the login prompt:




      I have also observed that the URL changes to:




      So the login part gets added for some reason.


      I have gone through previous forums and have tried all that has been suggested.


      Any ideas?