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    Peyman Azimabadi

      Hi everybody,

      I need to save the current selection in my macro, then do something and then retrive the first selection state.

      I get the current selection state with:


      SET selection = ActiveDocument.GetCurrentSelections


      But i cant find a simple way to set the selection state of document to this again.

      I appreciate every help.


      Best regards


        • Re: ActiveDocument.GetCurrentSelections
          Ian McGivern

          Hi Peyman,


          Not sure if you are still looking for a solution. One possible way could be to create a bookmark on the selection you would like to retrieve again.


          ActiveDocument.CreateUserBookmark "StateYouDesire"

          (Alternative - CreateDocBookMark )


          and then retrieve that state later again using:


          ActiveDocument.GetBookmark "StateYouDesire"

          (Alternative - Use the Bookmark object in the front-end -i.e. if it is for auditing purposes, create a variable using Dim with the current date - concatenate it to your chosen name - and use that as the name for your bookmark)


          Hop this helps!