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    Plot values outside segments QV11 - bug or feature

      Hi Community


      I am using QV11 since several weeks and are facing problems with my reports created in QV9. Some graphical thing are behaving very differently that it was in QV9.


      I have a stacked bar chart containing possitive and negative values. IN QV9 it was able to display the summeried values of the single bars outside the segments.


      Since QV11 the value outside is shown only when the bars` values are possitive or if there are more than one segment. Please have a look at attached picture.


      You will see that there is no data value on the negative bar having only one segment. The next bar has more segments and shows the summery of the single segment values correctly.


      I am confused and wondering if this is a bug or a feature and how I could display it the same way it was in QV9


      Thank you for your help.


      Best regards. Lukas