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    Web formatting of slider

      I've been having a little bit of formatting trouble with a date slider I'm using in one of my dashboards. The date slider is oriented vertically with each date formatted as mmm yyyy (e.g. Mar 2012). The slider looks great on QV desktop view (see pic1), but when you view it through WebView or online, the text of the dates gets broken up onto two separate lines (see pic2). So instead of:


      Mar 2012

      Feb 2012
      Jan 2012



      It looks like:









      This happens even when you expand the slider object so that it clearly has enough space. Has anyone encountered this bug before or have any suggestions? It looks extremely unattractive, and I want to fix this ASAP.

        • Web formatting of slider

          I recently had an issue with this as well, is it a static number of months or will it continue to grow?


          As my report was only looking at the previous 24 months I created a mock date in my load script and dropped it into a list column instead.


          date(makedate(Year(Datefield),Month,(Datefield),1),"MMM YYYY")


          This will return Jan 2012 for all values in that month and I have found it much easier to play with in graphs as well.