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    Send Message to a QlikView Session Active Users


      Good day all!


      We have some requirements on sending message to a QlikView Session Active Users. 


      In the QMC, we can set a "Custom System Message", where users can read this message when opening the Access Point.  The requirement is, can some "Admin" send, say "Maintenance or Troubleshooting message" to these Active Users, so they'll be aware, close and logout from the session?


      Thanks in advance and more power!



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          Patrick Anderson

          I don't know if there is anything in the QMC that would do this, but Access Point is just like any other Website, you could add a message by editing the JavaScript and HTML on the website. We have a notification for users when they enter our test enviroment so they know they are not seeing production numbers or reports. This is done by modifying those web files.

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            Dave Riley

            This might be possible by posting the message to the registry and reading the value back using



            I've not tested this on my server, but in the client the value updates when the user clicks around the Qlikview document.






            EDIT: Just tested it quickly and doesn't work!!  You might be able to grab the value using a macro triggered by an action, though.

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                Daniel Rozental

                Best way I can think of to do this with QV11 is using document extensions.


                Do something that gets executed every time the page is updated, or every few minutes, checks a file on the server opening a URL and displays a message.


                Never done it but I believe it should work.


                Another way might be using QV11 SR1 real time update, add a message to the model and display it somewhere.

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                Bill Britt

                In version 11 you can do that. See below, I have type in "This is a test"




                This shows up in the Accesspoint like below..



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                    Dave Riley

                    Hi Bill,



                    Does this message update dynamically or does it rely on the user refreshing the page?


                    I read the original post as "how to notify users in a document session?", so they are not looking at Accesspoint but the open document so they won't be alerted to that message.  I have managed to get a message passed from one Plugin session to another user's plugin session by using shared server bookmarks.


                    1) Set up a variable SelectionTrigger as =GetCurrentSelections()

                    2) Set up a document trigger on this variable changing to run a macro like this ...


                    set bm = ActiveDocument.GetBookmark("Server\BM01")

                      set t = activedocument.getsheetobject("TX02")
                      p = t.GetProperties
                      p.layout.text.v = bm.Bookmark.InfoText
                      t.setproperties p

                    So the admin user edits the server bookmark's info and when the user makes selections, the macro runs and populates the text box.