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    How to do price bracket?



      Please help me in this issue. There's a report that will show the items under this price bracket.


      This is the criteria of price bracket/range


      Price Bracket

           1K interval: 1-2k, 2001- 3000, 3001-4000 ……

           2K interval : 2-4K, 4001-6000, 6001-8000 ……

           3K interval : 3-6k, 6001-9K, 9001- 12k ……


      Example of transactions

          DATE      ITEM     QTY     UNIT PRICE     AMOUNT

           3/3/2012     A          1         1,500             1,500

           3/3/2012     B          3         500                1,500

           4/1/2012     A          2         500                1,000

           4/1/2012     A         5          500                2,500

           4/1/2012     A         4          500                2,000

           4/2/2012     B         10        500               5,000




      3/3/20121K intervalA1

      4/1/20121K intervalA2

      2K intervalA4
      4/2/20125K intervalB10


      So meaning, the Interval is based on the AMOUNT or total sold amount per item NOT based on the item unit price...


      And also, please anticipate if ever the price interval is based on item unit price.




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        • How to do price bracket?



          You can use this logic


          if(Price>1000 and Price<=2000, '1-2 K Inetrval',

          if(Price>2000 and Price<=4000,'2-4 K Interval',

          if(Price>4000 and Price<=6000,'4-6 K Interval'))) as Price

          • How to do price bracket?
            ALEXIS TAN



            I just want to ask, how do you determine this?



                 DATE      ITEM     QTY     UNIT PRICE     AMOUNT

                 4/1/2012     A         4          500                2,000    as 2K interval?



            I mean it's in the range of 1-2k (1k interval) and 2-4K (2k interval)


            do you have a Base amount so we can determine what the interval is?


            Like for Example

            Base      AMOUNT

            0            2000        =2k interval

            1000       2000        =1k interval


            or is your base always 0? If so then you might want to try kusha's answer^^


            Sorry if I understand it the wrong way