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    Bar Chart

      I have a table like this and i have to make a bar chart to compare this time period.



      Time Frame Current Month Start DateCurrent Month Last DatePrevious Month Start DatePrevious Month End Date
      3 Months Vs 3 Months12/1/20112/1/20129/1/201111/1/2011
      6 Months Vs 6 Months9/1/20112/1/20123/1/20118/1/2011
      12 Months Vs 12 Months3/1/20112/1/20123/1/20102/1/2011
      Baseline Vs SPTD1/1/20122/1/20124/1/20119/1/2011

      The expression used will be "Current Month Last Date - Current Month Start Date" to get the bars. And current and previous months bars should be stacked.


      I am using timeframe in dimension and "Current Month Last Date - Current Month Start Date" in expression for different timeframes but i am getting very weird values.

      How can i do this ??

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          Deepak Vadithala

          The problem is with the Date formats in your data. I mean if you simply copy this data to excel you can see that the dates are intrepeted incorrectly.


          I mean if you see 2nd row (6 Months Vs 6 Months) - The Current Month Start Date is interpreted as 9th January 2011 instead of 1st September 2011. The month and dates are swapped and everything is interpreted as January 2011, Hence you since the difference between the dates is marginal. Same is the case with the other dates.


          I hope this makes sense!


          Cheers - DV