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    How to Filter the month

      How to Filter the month to January of the current year through the last complete month


      for January 2012 you would pull December 2011 YTD info

      for February 2012 you would pull January 2012 and February 2012 YTD info

      for March 2012 you would pull Jan 2012, Feb 2012 and Mar 2012 YTD info



      The change should be applied to all the years.




      For Feb 2008----Jan2008 and Feb 2008

      For Mar 2009---- Jan to Mar 2009…and so on.

      But the data should be displayed only for months which are complete/over.

      As in if user is selecting May 2012…and the system date is May 1st,that means, month may is still not over, and thus the data should be displayed for only Jan 2012 to April 2012.