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    What's the easiest way to do...

    Samuel Vile

      ...the following:


      I have 3 fields named ExtractDate, SFExtractDate and LIExtractDate...when the user selects a date within the ExtractDate field the other two fields should show the same. I want it to happen in the background without the user knowing they're actually making 3 selections.


      Can anyone help please?

        • What's the easiest way to do...
          Jakob Fabian

          Hi Sam,


          go to Document Properties and add a Field Event Trigger to the one field you will make the selection in.


          ExtractDate --> OnSelect Add Actions --> Under "Selection", add a "Select in field" trigger (You will need TWO):

          - one trigger with the parameters Field=SFExtractDate, Search String='=ExtractDate'

          (make sure to get the Equal sign in the Search field.

          - the other trigger with Field=LIExtractDate, Search String='=ExtractDate'


          now selections will be made in all three fields when making a selection in ExtractDate.


          This should be what you are looking for, let me know if you need more help.

          Regards, Jakob