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    Automation of Excel outputs



      We have qlikview server installed in our company NOT qlikview publisher.


      We can schedule automatic reloads on the server but is there a way that we can automate outputing files from excel to pecific locations without having to manually do this.


      For example, pivot tables are reloaded daily but we are manually exporting them from qlikview.




        • Automation of Excel outputs

          Within the qvw, write a macro that will export charts to excel.   Configure a document trigger that will fire the macro OnPostReload.  Reload the document using a batch file (not the server scheduler).  The batch file would have a line similar to this:  c:\program files\qlikview\qv.exe -R d:\application.qvw


          the batch file can then be scheduled to run via windows task scheduler.


          when reloading using qlikview server or publisher, macro execution is ignored.. that's why you have to reload using batch mode.

          • Automation of Excel outputs
            Rob Wunderlich

            You may want to consider using one of the 3rd party products. -- QvExcel, Nprinting or CIA Reporter.