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    Display accumulative value as Text in chart

      Hi All,


      I have created a chart that shows accumulative value of an investment over time. User can enter 3 variables:


      vStartDate - start date for the chart

      vEndDate - end date for the chart

      vAmt1 - value of potential investment


      I have created new expression named Initial_Return and used Above function which works perfectly. The expression that calculates potential return on investment looks as follows:

      if([Date]=vStartDate, ($(vAmt1))*(1+[Return of Initial Investment]),(above([Initial_Return])*(1+[Return of Initial Investment]))) Now, at the end of the line I wanted to display last value of potential return on investment, so I have created the following expression, which works well as well:

      if([Date]=vEndDate,(above([Initial_Return])*(1+[Return of Initial Investment])),' ')




      Now, my problem: I want to display this last value as a text in chart with some additional text explanation next to it. And here I face a problem, as Above function works really well in tables, charts but not in text box. And, aditionally, in my expression I refer to column [Initial_return] that is it is not an actual field but an expressive/column in our table.


      I am attaching my QV file so it might be more clear of what I am trying to do - basically, I want to display $12 969 as a text in chart...

      Thanks for help in advance!