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    QV good for real time changing data?

      Hi All

      We are evaluating QV as a reporting tool for our product. The reporting msut be done on the data that changes in real time. Every time a user runs a report, the latest data must be fetched. I have been looking at the vairous training, reference manual and other documents available in this site for last couple of days. My understanding is, this tool is for BI where data does not change on regluar minute to minute basis. Am I right? Can someone point me to articles/documents in this regard.



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          I came across this blog "criticism about QV and how would you answer it" (not able to add link) discusses my question. If you think otherwise or have information that can help me decide, please post it.



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            Nicole Smith

            The data in QlikView changes every time the dashboard is reloaded.  This is really up to you how often you want it to reload.  There are different ways that a call can be made to the dashboard to reload, such as using Windows Scheduler, but you would need to figure out how you want to set it up.

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              If you have timestamp's in your tables that record modification time and dates then this would be doable using QVD's and their add/update/delete incremental loading so that it would not tax your data base as much. This would store all previous data in a qvd and only reload new data from the table. Delete portion would check for deleted records.

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                  Thanks nicole_kowlasky and marcsliving for your replies.


                  I did read about full load and partial load. The issues I have are:

                  • It is not possible to track the changes to the data. So I would have to perform full load.
                  • Our main data tables (on which most of the reporting are done) are huge (over 30 million data rows in each table) and growing


                  We do not want to load all the data but rather load only the data for the criteria selected by the user. I have in the past worked with Microsoft SSRS where this is possible.


                  I havent had an opportunity to dig deep in QV to find out if this is possible. Based on what i know so far, the data is associative and there is no such option.