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    Set Analysis in Chart or?

      I have a pivot table with many fields.  I have a lit box where I select a a campaign name to display in my pivot table.  One of the fields of the pivot table has multiple values, let's say it's FiledX nad there are 5 possible values 1,2,3,4,5.  When I select campaign name, my pivot table fills up, but lets say on this particular pivot table, I only want the data to display where FieldX = 5.  I am having trouble doing this as an expression, FieldX = '5' and I am having issue setting it up with set analysis as well.  And if I set this pivot table up to only display values where FieldX=5 and if none of the values in the pivot table relating to the chosen campaign name then the pivot table would contain no data.  Can someone throw me a bone on this?  Thanks much