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    Setting the color on the heat map and label the state name on the map

      Hi, I am fairly new to Qlikview. I am currently using extension object to create a US heat map. I was able to connect the data with the heat map, but I didn't know how to set the color gradient or set specific color for specific regions or states.


      For example, if the sales  > 500, the state should display as green, if the sales <=500, the state should display as red, or else display as blue. This is just an example. In general, I just want to set the color expression, but I just don't know where to place the expression or what expression I should use (Measurement, Color1, Text1, or Color2?). I found that the color used in extension objects is very different than the color in the regular objects. Please advice on this.


      Another challenge for me is labeling the state name (such as AL, NY, MN, IL, CA, etc) on the heat map. Is there a way to display those? If so, could any body show me how to do that? PLEASE HELP. Thank you so much in advance!