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    Access to Print/Export based on Section Access?


      My problem is that I would like to control the Printing and Exporting RMB options based on who the logged on user is. I use section access. Is there anyway to enable/disable these functions based on information in Section Access?

      The only place I found to control it so far is under "Document Properties".

      Any help is appreciated.

      / Magnus

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          Dominik Sawicz

          Hello Magnus,

          I stand before the same Problem as you, did you by any chance find a solution to the problem, or even anyone else who reads this post?

          Basically, i want to be able to define who has the right to export:
          I have created a "Section Access" script, with admins and users, and some users are suppost to be able to export, and others aren't.

          Any help much appreciated.