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    Generic bookmark URL for Ajax and IE Plugin

    David Gibbs

      Using the QlikView server (QVS and QVWS) we find that bookmarks created with the Mail with bookmark function are client specific.


      If created using the Ajax client they will take the form


      and will always open the document in the Ajax client, even if the user has the IE Plugin installed and selected as their preferred client.


      Similarly, if created in the IE Plugin client they will take the form


      and open the document in the IE Plugin client, even if the user has the Full Browser Version client selected. However, if they do not have the plugin installed the document fails to open.


      Is there a way to generate a generic bookmark that will respect the user's preferred client, or which will open using the Ajax client if the IE Plugin is not installed?


      Thanks in advance for any help.





      P.S. currently away from the office so please excuese any errors in the construction of the example urls