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    Passing QlikView Server Credentials to Web Page URL

      I am attempting to use the sampleWeb Page Viewer extension provided with v11. On my local machine, it worksbeautifully. I am able to view the home page of the required web site withinthe extension object. Then, I am able to access the password protected pages byclicking the login link on that site and then entering my credentials. When Imove to the QlikView server however, I am not able to view the extension objectat all. I would therefore like assistance with addressing two issues.

      1. I would like to view the extension object when my     QlikView file is deployed to the server, and
      2. I would like to pass the login credentials used to     access the QlikView Server to the URL of the password protected web site.

      I would appreciate any help or tipsthat can assist in addressing these issues. Thank you.


        • Passing QlikView Server Credentials to Web Page URL
          Alexander Karlsson

          Hey Maria,


          1. You need to deploy the webpage viewer extension on your QliKView server. The path are usually something like %programdata%\qliktech\qlikview\extensions\object\

            You would also need to enable the use of extensions in your QlikView Management Console, the settings are found under the QVS-section -> Security -> Misc.
          2. Extension Objects are rendered client side so if the target webpage you are viewing has single sign on capabilities that matches your qlikview authentication mechanism you should be fine. Either way, you do not want to send credentials in clear text as url parameters.
            • Passing QlikView Server Credentials to Web Page URL

              Hi Alexander,


              Thank you for your assistance.  I verified that the following are true about my QlikView Server setup:


              1. The extension objects are stored in the folder: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects
              2. Allow Extensions is enabled in my QlikView Management Console settings.


              However, I am still unable to view  the WebPage Viewer extension object embedded in my file.


              Do you or any one else have any other suggestions?