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    To retain/save selections among tabs without using bookmark object

      Hi All,


      I am developing a new tab (say Tab A) in an existing dashboard. The customer did not want the selections made in the exisiting tabs to be carried to this new tab and vice versa. That is, selections made A need to be independent. I achived this through setting the 'on activate' sheet trigger as 'clear all'..and 'on deactivate' also as 'clear all'.


      But now, the requirement has changed as this.. They do some selections in Tab A, then might move to other tabs and do some selections there..and when they come back to Tab A, they want to see the selections that they have done before moving on from tab A. This means, without using book mark, I need to find some other way to save the selections made in one tab for the current session.


      Do anyone have any idea if this is feasible ?