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    Create a button to Reload manually from Web Access

    tai Nguyen

      Hi Everybody,


      I want to create a button on a Sheet that end-user via Web Browser can click to reload data from client side. Can I do it?




        • Create a button to Reload manually from Web Access
          Sunil Chauhan

          add an action to your button.


          see the image below:




          hope this helps

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            Directy there is no way to do something like this, but you can do "reload" button on the other way.


            1. Install IIS Server + CGI and PHP on the same which includes QV Server - but of course you'll need to do it on another port than 80.

            2. Configure IIS by changing anonymous access from IUSR to Admin or another username on computer who has privileges to run programs.

            3. Build website on new IIS server which will include exec function to batch (from point 5).

            4. Download psexec

            5. In batch file referee to psexec which will include command to reload report as admin user

            6. On report add reload button which will referee to new website.

            7. At the end. On new web site you can add automatic redirection to QV reports.


            And it's all - works perfect :-).

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                Hugo Andrade

                barteklabno, I didn't get it.

                Will the user be able to reload the document from the QlikView Access Point in the end?

                Could you please give more details on how to implement it?

                Thank you.

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                    Hi All,

                    this way is not correct and wont work for web mod, basically that is not correct to give the reload control to the user in the web mod (working from the browser with user Cal's) becaus perhaps someone else is working with the same dashboard in while of runing  reload and it gonna making change on the other resualte . In the QlikView With paper you can find the architecture of qlikview server and its not a part of that.

                    and regarding the reloading from the browser Internal Module need to created but again that is not recommended for all the clients.

                    for creating the dashboards all the data need to load into qlik view and to avoid of dumping or loading too much data into file you need to figure out about the data architecture for the report by going through Your scenario for the report and bye scheduling reloads and partial reload we can automated the reporting process .

                    finally let me tell that I was looking for a way to do that  at first but I figured out that Developing Concept in Qlik view to extract data from data warehouse is differnt with other developing plat forms like visual Studio.