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    Highlighting Dimension in Table depending on Selection

      Hi @all,


      I'm trying to highlight dimension values based on a specific selection. The problem is that it only works for one selection, but not for two or more.


      I hope these pictures illustrate, what I mean:



      With one selected value it works. Axpo is highlighted correctly.



      But with two (or more) selected values it doesn't work.



      The formula I use in the dimension expression of the table "Rankingtabelle" is:


      =if(Sponsor_Sel>0 AND WildMatch(Sponsor_Conc, Sponsor)>0, RGB(255,0,0), RGB(0,0,0))


      Sponsor_Sel: =GetSelectedCount(Sponsor)

      Sponsor_Conc: =Concat(DISTINCT Sponsor, ';')


      I hope anybody can help me! Thanks a lot in advance