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    Collapse Expression Columns

      I am trying to have a Pivot Table where some of the Expression Columns are hidden when the dimension is collapsed.  I want one table to show summary level information and then show detail level data when the dimension columns are expanded.  Is there a way to do this?




      Branch Name     Sales Person     Buyer Name     Buyer Address     Order#     Units Sold     Amt


      Using the above headers, I want Branch Name and Sales Person to be collapsable (my dimensions).  When those are collapsed, the only expressions that I want shown are the totals for Units Sold and Amt (my expressions).  When the user expands the Sales Person column, the Buyer Name, Buyer Address, and Order# are shown as details.  It is easy to get one column to be hidden by making it a dimension, so if I make Buyer Name a dimension, it will be hidden until Sales Person is expanded.  However, the Buyer Address is still visible at all times.  If I make Buyer Address a dimension, then Buyer Name becomes expandable and collapsable which I do not want.