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    Extracting file name

      I need some assistance.
      I have a text object where I want to display a number and if the number is less than 100, I would like to show in red, otherwise in blue.
      =if([Field_1]<100, Red([Field_1]), blue([Field_1]))
      I know this functions red(), blue() is to  return a RGB color representation, but it helps me to explain here my problem.
      Thanks a lot.
        • Extracting file name
          Stefan Wühl

          I think you can go the text box properties, Font tab and select the Color button.

          In the color dialog box, choose a calculated base color and input an expression like

          =if([Field_1] < 100, red(), blue() )


          Field_1 should give an unambiguous result in the text box to work as expected.

          You can set the background color in a similar way on general tab, Color selection button.