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    QV Can load and handle Billion of records ?

      Hi all,

      I want to extractmore than 600million record in mysql data base to qlikView (only one month data).  I used my sql odbc connector. In loadingi used

      “ limit” function  to reduce  the number of  records. At a one time I can load 10million records(with 10 columns) within 20minit , without effect to server. If I increase thelimits of records the server will stack .

      My questions are,


      1. Is there any methods to do this ?
      2. After loading , Qlik view can handle this kindof data volume?


      1 months  = 600million

      1 yead        = 600 * 12

                           = 7200 million.

      Plz give me a solution to success this?