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    Pivoting in macro

    Peyman Azimabadi

      Hi all,

      how can i do "Pivoting" in VBScript macro?

      that means that for example, i have created a PivotTable with two dimensions in my macro and then i need to send one of this dimensions on horizontal axis.


      Best regards


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          Peyman Azimabadi

          I have found the correct answer. It's like this :



          SUB mySUB
               SET chart = ActiveDocument.Activesheet.CreatePivotTable
               chart.AddDimension "Product"
               chart.AddDimension "Year"
               chart.AddExpression "sum(Amount)"
               cp = chart.GetProperties
               cp.TableProperties.NumberOfLeftDimensions = 1
               chart.SetProperties cp 
          END SUB