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    Power Tool - QV User manager 10 - Unrecognised message version

    Shaun Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

      Hi Guys,


      Need some help, I tried using the QV User manager 10 (from the Power tools app) to list the cals, but no luck, I have created the required group, added myself (the users running), and alos tried running it with admin privileges (right click run as admin..)


      But I have had no luck, could someone please assist me?

        • Re: Power Tool - QV User manager 10 - Unrecognised message version

          I'm having the same problem. I tried it in QV10 - both SR3 & SR6.


          The Error Message is "Unrecognised message version."


          I followed all these intructions, but still no luck.




          Add the user that is executing the tool to the "QlikView Management API" Windows group. This group does not exist by default and must be created.



          Change the line below in qv-user-manager.exe.config file to reflect the server address of your QlikView Management Service.



                     <endpoint address="http://sesth-rfn1:4799/QMS/Service" binding="basicHttpBinding"

                     bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBinding_IQMSBackend" contract="QMSBackendService.IQMSBackend"

                     name="BasicHttpBinding_IQMSBackend" behaviorConfiguration="ServiceKeyEndpointBehavior" />



          It's recommended to schedule and run the tool from a batch file, see below for examples.