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    Month problem

    Vipin Mishra

      i want to show current month on my chart for that i have use today() function it come to current month but when i select any other month it not change then what logic we use in my chart it with out any selection it show current month and when i select other month it show that month

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          Dennis Hoogenboom

          You want to show the current month, but when you select an other month you want to show an other month? Am I right?


          If so, make a selectionbox for month, select one month and go to the properties of that selection box and check "Always One Selected Value"  (optional)


          Then go to Settings >> Document propeties >> tab: Triggers


          Add an Action OnOpen

          Add >> Selection in Field


          Field : YourMonthField

          Search String : =Month(Today())


          This way when you open your document the current month get selected.

          Is that what you are looking for?


          (You can also add this trigger on Reload if you wish)

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            Hi Mishra,


            Try this



            in the Title Text of the Chart.


            Where MonthField is the field contains Monthes information from your side.So relace it with your field name.


            hope it helps you