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    Matching partial data between tables

      Hi All


      I'm trying to join two tables where I have a requirement to join using more than just the one common field.


      Given the following two example tables:



      LOAD * INLINE [

          hostname, key

          batman, abc

          robin, abb

          orca, abd

          elephant, abe





      LOAD * INLINE [

          hostname, data

          batman, 123def8

          robin, /poi/abb89

          orca, 898:abdxxx

          giraffe, poid09a



      What I need to do is look for the value in key in the keytable table in the data column in moredata.


      So given the above examples I would create a link between robin in both tables and orca in both.


      Any ideas? What I sort of need to do is like a substringcount check between fields in different tables for

      all possible values in keytable against moredata.


      Many Thanks