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    Variable representation / presentation

      I have plotted Budget and schedule variances but can't get the variables on the axes to appear as dollars and days out, respectively.  They appear as tiny numbers now, from 0.000 to 0.016, which don't make any sense.  What tab do I fix this in, or is it outside the preferences? Is it an expression issue?  or even outside QV?

        • Variable representation / presentation
          Oleg Troyansky

          First, let's clarify the terminology... Axis formatting has nothing to do with Variables.


          It's hard to understand what exactly happened, without an example or at least an image of your chart.


          - Most likely, the problem is hiding in the Expressions themselves

               - maybe you divided the variance by the total, and the result should be presented as a percentage?

               - maybe you checked the box "Relative", and QlikView calculates the relative share of each value to the total?

          - The Axis number formatting is done on the Number Tab. Another possibility is if you entered a Symbol representation for Thousands, Millions or Billions, and that is forcing all the numbers to be represented in Millions?

          - If you have both $ and day variances in the same chart, I assume you are using a Combo chart, and you need to separate your Axes between left and right. THis is done on the Axes tab.


          You will be able to get more specific analysis of the problem if you post an example.