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    Issues with QV11 SR1



      Since we upgraded to QV11SR1 we have several issues with the ajax client.


      On opening the tabrows are not shown, when I go to another sheet via a button then the tabrows show up again.

      Sheet headers (background image of a sheet) are not shown on opening, after a few switches between sheets the the headers/images reappear.

      Righ mouse button doesn't work, nothing shows/pops up if you use right mouse button.

      All icons in the caption of tables are gone.


      Is there some option/property in ther server I'm missing, which causes all these problems?

      The previous version we used was QV11IR. With this version we had none of the above described problems.


      Right know Im thinking of going back to QV11IR.

      Does somebody have a solution/idea for the above described issues?

      Any help would be appreciated.