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    Using nested for each next loop to read from multiple qvd

    Michael Kühn

      I'm trying to use a nested for next loop to read multiple qvd having a daily signiture like ...YYYY-MM-DD.qvd.

      How do I access the variables from the loop correctly to create a string that I can use to read qvd from.


      for each vJahr in qvdJahr

          for each vMonat in qvdMonat

              for each vTag in qvdTag

                  vFromString = $(vPath) & '\QDatei_' & '$(vJahr)' & '-' & '$(vMonat)' & '-' & '$(vTag)' & '.qvd';



                  Fm $(vFromString) (qvd);   





      The script above stopps with an error message saying:


      "Fehler beim Öffnen der Datei 'D:\QDatei_--.qvd' The system cannot find the file specified."


      So the content of the variables qvdJahr, qvdMonat, qvdTag are not placed in the string whereus

      the variable vPath is there.