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    Set Analysis sub query



      I'm trying to solve a subquery case in the front end of QlikView.

      I've a table with:








      I have a straight table that displays this table  but I want a extra field/expression that also give me the value of the max(session_date) where the session_date < session_date (of the record) and the Lever_code ='RR'.  


      Can someone solve this case in set analysis?


      Thx for helping!




        • Set Analysis sub query
          Sunil Chauhan

          may be you require below code


          sum({<session_date={"<=$(Max(session_date))"}, Lever_code ={'RR'} >} Value)



          hope this helps

            • Set Analysis sub query

              thx for your reply but that's not the solution for my case.


              the session date of the sub query should be the max (session date) of a set of data that gives me all the session dates that are smaller then the record session date and have a Lever_code = 'RR'


              session_date < record_session_date and has Lever_code={'RR'} --> from this set of session_dates I need the value of the max(session_date)


              I'm not sure it's possible with set analysis, maybe I need to load an extra island table (to compare the fields)

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                Jonathan Dienst



                Not sure what you mean with the first condition. What are you comparing session_date with? Is session_date a dimension and you are comparing with that dimension?


                If that is the case, I think you might need an island table to get the results you are after. I suggest that you post your model, or a sample.





                Edit -- missed your second post