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    A way to keep only one field selections with set analysis

    Jakub Michalik

      Clearing selection for one field is easy: {$<FIELD=>}

      Clearing all field selections is also easy: {1}


      For keeping only one field selection this looks promising at first glance: {1<FIELD=P({$}FIELD)>}, but it is potentially problematic because selections in other fields might influence what are the possible values for FIELD.


      I could type all the set modifiers {$<FIELD1=,FIELD2=,...>} except for the field selection I want to keep, but I might have hundreds of fields, so this is hardly convenient. Also I am afraid I might hit some sort of size limit for the expression text.


      This: {1<FIELD=FIELD>} also does not work.


      My current solution uses some rather confusingly looking formulas in variables, but this breaks expression syntax highlighting and, more worryingly, relies on the fact that set modifiers are evaluated left-to-right (for example, {$<FIELD={'A'},FIELD={'B'}>} is equivalent to {$<FIELD={'B'}>}), which is hardly a documented feature and might just stop working at some time in the future or under some circumstances I have not yet encountered.


      So, is there any simple and elegant way to do this, that I am missing?