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    HP-UX installation, Connector for Informatica

      We have a problem with QlikView Connector for Informatica on HP-UX server. The installation fails. We wonder if the connector is at all available for HP-UX and are there some tricks to consider in installation?




      Enter Y to accept the terms of this license agreement. Enter N if you do not accept theseterms. (Y/N): Y


      About to extract 108 KB in /informatica/powercenter861.


      Available disk space in /informatica/powercenter861: allocation KB.


      UncompressingQlikView Integration for PowerCenter (Server Component) ../QlikViewInformaticaConnectorServer_Installer.sh[693]:

      allocation: bad number

      ./QlikViewInformaticaConnectorServer_Installer.sh[702]:/usr/bin/gzip:  not found

      .Extraction failed.