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    Total the expression columns based on dynamic dimension selection

      I have a straight table with 4 dimensions that can be dynamically chosen by user to be displayed using a list box. There are 2 expressions.See sample below

      Col1     Col2     Col3     Col4     Expr1     Expr2

      A     A1     A11     A111     10     20

      A     A1     A12     A121     10     20

      A     A2     A21     A211     10     20

      A     A2     A22     A221     10     20

      B     B1     B11     B111     10     20

      B     B1     B12     B121     10     20

      B     B2     B21     B211     10     20


      If user only choses Col1 to be displayed, I would like the number of rows to be reduced to 2 and display as below

      Col1     Expr1     Expr2

      A     40     80

      B     30     60


      Can someone provide some direction?