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    Passing multiple selections with spaces using GetFieldSelections

    Scott Hay

      Hi all



      When using the GetFieldSelected function to pass more than one selection as a variable into an expression I do not get the required result. I assume it ha something to do with the selected fields as they are results that contain spaces and hence require the square brackets around them....


      The expression below returns the correct value (hard coded 'selections')


      =sum({$< _sequence={">=$(=Min(Sequence))<=$(=Max(Sequence))"}, [Fee Earner (WTK)]=, 
            [Supervising Timekeeper (STK)] = {[PROB Peter Robinson], [PROBX Peter Robinson] }>} Billed_Amount_$(_exp_Currency))



      But when I use the function below (with the selections made in my selection box) the result returned is zero. Can anyone help me in terms of the correct syntax that would result in the code below returning the correct result?



      =sum({$< _sequence={">=$(=Min(Sequence))<=$(=Max(Sequence))"}, [Fee Earner (WTK)]=, 
           [Supervising Timekeeper (STK)] = {"$(=GetFieldSelections([Fee Earner (WTK)]))"}>} Billed_Amount_$(_exp_Currency) )


      Many thanks in anticipation