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    QV 10 to QV 11 upgrade - QMS API Add Authorization

    Daniel Rozental

      We used to do something like this to add authorization to a document using the QMS API in QV10


                  Dim Document As DocumentNode = QMSClient.GetUserDocuments(QvsId).[Single](Function(x) x.RelativePath.Replace("\", "-").ToUpper() + "-" + x.Name.Replace(" ", "_").ToUpper() = sGrupo)
                  Dim DocMetaData As DocumentMetaData = QMSClient.GetDocumentMetaData(Documento, DocumentMetaDataScope.All)
                  Dim documentAE As New DocumentAccessEntry()
                  documentAE.UserName = username
                  documentAE.DayOfWeekConstraints = New List(Of DayOfWeek)()


      Same code doesn't work with QV11, there is no Add method for the DocumentAccessEntry class.


      Does anyone know how can I achieve the same we were doing in QV10?


      I haven't found anything in the documentation or any code samples for the QV11 QMS API, I wonder if there will be any released soon?