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    pivot table issue......



      i am facing a situtaion in which i need advice in detail to check the fiisibility of the use of pivot chart in my case..if yes then how ???


      in my  case i am fetching a column 'provider' from database and using it as a dimension in pivot table...now what i need in my chart is to show the top 10 providers on the basis of a column named 'membercnt'....then in the same pivot table i need to perform calculations on another column named 'amount'

      and in the pivot table the column will be created as p1,p2...p10 and in each column different expressions will be executed on the allowed amount...


      now the main problem is that i have to show the total of top10 rows,total of the remaining rows and the complete total in the same pivot table???/


      how can i achieve that????