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    Finding and counting the MAX date from a series of Dates based on a selection

      I am trying to count the number of stock movements based on a date as the dimension. But I am needing to only count the last occurance when a particular item have been moved more than once. In the example below:


      Date       SM_Primary       Serial Number

      Jan/12    1                        ABC

      Jan/12    2                        ABD

      Jan/12    3                        ABE

      Feb/12    4                       ABF

      Feb/12    5                       ABC

      Feb/12    6                       ABG

      Mar/12    7                       ABH

      Apr/12    8                       ABI


      I am using the date as my dimension with the serial number being counted in the expression. This would be fine if I wanted to count SM_Primary 1 and 5 in both Jan and Feb but what I need is to count only the one in Feb.

      If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.Thanks