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    Challanege: Chart accumulation with missing dimension members

      Hello, I have a similar issue which I could use help with .....


      We have date (yyyy-mm-dd) and product-line dimensions, and need to present for each day the total $ bought over all product-lines, as running accumulationover all past dates ( say from 1/1/2010);


      The chart must have date on x axis (so its tricky to play with the order of dimensions).

      The chart should show the each of the latest 60 days (NOT for the entire history); So there is a selection on the date dimension.


      The raw data includes date and $ sales for each product line.

      However, on certain dates one (or several) product lines had 0 sales and do not appear in the data. So we have a 'punctured' dimension ....


      On those days such product-lines do not get summed at all - yielding a low figure, since the product-line's entire history is omitted from the total on those days.


      Any idea of how to avoid punctured dimensions?

      (hopefully, without inflating raw data with rows with 0$ for the missing products)


      Thanks in advance.