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    Basic beginner question

      I work in the financial services industry and have a table that looks like below (for illustration purposes):


      Loan #, Interest Rate, Interest Rate Bucket, Balance

      1, 1%, 0-1%, $57

      2, 2%, 2-3%, $23

      3, 3%, 2-3%, $93

      4, 4%, 4-5%, $3456

      5, 6%, 6-7%, $1134

      6, 9%, Over 8%, $3874


      In reality, the data set has millions of loans. Thus, in the load script, we bucket each loan's interest rate into a set of buckets that we call a 'Note Rate Dimension'. This allows me to make a basic chart where the Y-axis is the sum of the balances in each bucket and the dimension in the bucket. What I'm struggling with is that, like the sample data set above, our balance in our lower interest rate buckets are small. On the chart I'd like to eliminate them by doing the following: "If the sum of the balance in each bucket is less than x, then don't show that bucket as a dimension on the chart." I've looked at the blogs and documentation but I'm really at a loss being fairly new to this product.