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    Using variables in the URL expressions (something with the equal ("=") signs in the variables.

    Manoranjan Ayyaswamy

      I am trying to create a Straight table with URL links. URL is loaded from Excel sheet, represented by a field in a table. Trick here is the URL's will have input parameters (query string) and I am handling this as part of the Expressions. Replacing the input param indicators (param1 = $p1$, param2 = $p2$) in the URL string with the actual values from the Selections made by user.


      This works fine when I select any one of the rows in ths straight table. But when i directly click on the link, the input parameters are not gettig rendered inside the URL. Please find attached the sample application to replicate this problem.


      I removed the "=" signs in the variables, it works fine, except the Selections are not coming into the URL


      P,S: do not get carried away by the "Left" / "Mid" / "Index" functions I have used. It is tested and no issues with that.


      Please help