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    Convert excel formula to Qlikview "language" conundrum (stacked chart)

      Hi all,


      I have created the below formula in excel to help understand the numbers of errors within a particular data set:


      I then tried to re-create this within QlikView as per the below but I am not getting the same results 


      IF(IF(IsNull([Cancellation Received by OG]) or [Cancellation Received by OG]='  ',0,1)=1 


      and IF(IsNull([Affirmation(s) Received by OG]) or [Affirmation(s) Received by OG]='  ',0,1)=1


      and [Version]<=1, 0,1) as OMGEO_ERROR_TRADE 


      I created the above within the script and tried using the below as my dimensions and expressions to create a stacked chart by month with the volume of accurate and error trades.




      1. Month

      2. (Calculated) -  if([ERROR]=1, 'Accurate', 'Error')



      Many thanks in advance,