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    Not show total accumulation data point.

      Don't suppose anyone would know how to not have the total accumulation show at the end of a line in a graph that has full accumulation on and just have the last data points value?  I made a target line that is the accumulation of double the actual sales accumulation line.  It is linear and is the accumulation of the total accumulation of the sales divided by the number of days times 2.  The last day has the correct value but there is another step of accumulation added to the total though there are no more days.   Here are the accumulation vales for the last five days with the last number being the total.

      8-May$83,691,413.35 $41,738,021.34
      9-May$84,545,407.37 $42,157,041.42
      10-May$85,399,401.38 $42,699,700.69
      11-May$86,253,395.40 $42,699,700.69
      $87,107,389.41 $42,699,700.69

      Everything is good except for the total.  Any ideas on a fix or is this a bug?